Sunday, 6 July 2014

37/38 Weeks - First Week of Maternity Leave

T-Shirt - H&M
Maternity Chinos - H&M
I am not  a 'sit down and take it easy' kind of person. If there is a job that needs doing I do the job first, then sit down and chill, otherwise I just can't relax! I have two and half weeks maternity leave until my due date, I planned for this first week to be a doing week; housework, last minute sorting and catching up with people. Then the second week will be more chilled. 

I have had a lovely week and the weather has been great too, although Thursday and Friday my hayfever didn't agree! I spent Monday doing a load of batch cooking for freezing, as recommended by apps, websites and other blogs. I did pretty well,will keep us going for a while; lasagne, chicken and green bean curry and fish pie. This was followed by a load of housework!

Tuesday I had my last osteopath appointment before the baby is due. I go every 6-8 weeks anyway (I have a femural nail and also get slight back pain) to keep me moving and ticking over. I really would recommend a visit if you suffer with back pain or aches and pains. I am also going to take the baby when it is a few weeks old for some cranial osteopathy

Wednesday I met up with my cousin who is 20 weeks pregnant for lunch. She lives near Bluewater so I popped there first, I needed just a couple more maternity bits of clothing. I know I don't have long to go, but my jeans are now just too tight! Luckily my fave shop, H&M, had a sale on and I got some maternity chinos for £10 (see above) and a maxi dress, not maternity, for £7. I will still be able to wear a few of the maternity bits once baby is here and other bits that are non maternity should fit too. In the evening I got my hair cut, just wanted a trim to make it a bit more manageable plus I don't like my hair once it's longer than shoulder length!

Thursday I met a work friend and her two boys. She goes back to work from maternity leave next week, so was great to have a catch up. We went to Leeds Castle and had a wander through the grounds and had a pic nic. Then took her lovely boys to the play area. It's been quite breezy here so out and about the heat wasn't too bad for me. My hayfever also stayed at bay until the evening, then made me feel crap. I literally have to sit with tissues up my nose to stop the constant blowing and wear sunglasses to stop my eyes watering. Very glamorous! 

Friday I spent the day at home, doing bits of housework and again with tissues up my nose! I've also now started listening to my natal hypnotherapy CDs daily. 

And after all of that, still no sign of baby! Here's to a more chilled week next week.

Have a good week, Amy xx

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