Monday, 30 June 2014

Week 36/37 - Last Week at Work

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Last week was my last at work. It was pretty busy! I think it was a combination of the time of year and the fact there were jobs that needed doing before I left. I nearly had a melt down on Thursday, didn't know whether to get mad or have a cry. So I took myself off to calm down and felt much better! I was hoping the stress wouldn't bring on an early labour, it didn't :)

Friday was my last day, a lovely sunny day. It felt like the last day of term before the Summer holidays. My friends treated me to a yummy pic-nic lunch and some lovely presents for Baby Bond; a door bouncer and cot mobile. Baby also got a little bear comforter and a sleep suit and I got a little box of chocolates from some students and a Sanctuary bath set.

I will miss everyone, but I know I will see them often. Any excuse for coffee and a catch up and I'm sure I'll be there!

Mine and Baby's lovely leaving gifts
On Tuesday I had a midwife appointment. All is still good; head down, but not yet engaged and heart beat strong. Although I think Thursday night baby may have shifted a bit and moved back up a little as felt a bit uncomfortable, but seems OK today! I am feeling generally a little more uncomfortable as the baby has less and less room to move. But I think I have 'got away' with things pretty easy (so far; famous last words...)

I now have 2 and half weeks until my due date - let the nesting begin!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Amy xx

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