Friday, 6 March 2015

Catch Up

Hi all, it's me again! I haven't blogged for a while; I don't know how other mummy bloggers find the time! I've been enjoying spending time with my little man and my big man! Harry is now sleeping better at night, after a few weeks of waking almost every hour and a bit of co sleeping, I've got my evenings back. Which is lovely; spending time as a couple is important and I'd missed it.

We did have to do a bit of sleep training. The decision wasn't taken lightly and I read up on a few different ways of training but in the end thought I'd try Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman, which a friend had successfully used. I just read the book and used it as a guide to write my own plan that would work for us.

I was worried at first as I'd always been against controlled crying, but we just had to do something as H just wouldn't even be put in his cot at one point. I was ready for the change, that's an important part of it, if you're not ready it won't work, plus you need great support from your other half, working as a team. I'm a member of a peer support group for mums on Facebook and know a lot of these ladies are against controlled crying, night weaning etc but this method is what I felt would work best for our family and after reading the sleep sense book I felt a lot better about letting H cry for a little bit. After all even when he's awake and he cries I can't always get there to give him a cuddle immediately. All babies are different and we need to find our own way and what we think is best; there is no right or wrong way to do things.

It won't be the method to suit everyone but it has worked for us and the night weaning happened as a by product. I was quite happy to carry on feeding at night but H has slept through, on the whole, without a feed most nights. If he does wake I do still feed him.

It's also helped with nap time. It's still a bit hit and miss but I try and put him down about the same time everyday in the cot. I loved my sleepy cuddles with him and still have a few, but felt I needed to get a bit more of a routine in place for when I return to work.

Other than that things are going really well, H was a bit poorly the other week, just wanted to be attached to me or Paul all day. But he's back to 100% and he's back to being the cheeky monkey we love. It's horrible when he's I'll, like most babies they regress to a newborn state and lose their personalities.

He's showing signs that he'll be crawling very soon, eats well, chats a bit and giggles lots!

That's just a little catch up and hopefully I'll be blogging again soon now I have a bit more time.

Amy x

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