Monday, 16 March 2015

Craft and Decorating

I've been planning on doing this post for a while, hence the Christmas stocking, but have only just got round to writing it up!

When myself and my sister were small our mum made us stockings with red fabric that had little christmas bears on it. I loved putting them out each Christmas Eve, with a note to say whose was whose, ready for Father Christmas to visit. Even though Harry was only 5 months at Christmas I wanted to make his first stocking, start the tradition with him. (He couldn't use mine as Father Christmas still visits me!!) 

I bought the fabric at a local market, mum had the red ribbon already. I used my stocking as a template then got busy with the sewing machine. I was so happy with how it turned out and I hope, as Harry gets older, he will enjoy getting his special stocking out each Christmas. : )

This next piece was something I made when I just happened to see the metal tags on I was looking for something else and saw these and got the inspiration to make this birth date art for Harry's room. The frame was from Hobby Craft and with a bit of card and a glue gun here is the finished piece. 

I absolutely love having loads of photographs around the house! I already had a few on the wall up my stairs; I wanted to have some of Harry there too. I didn't want to take down any that were already up, so I added to the collection! The inspiration for this comes from the Dunphy's house in 'Modern Family'. I got some tips from Pinterest on how to do the layout etc.

I hope you like these craft and decorating ideas. What crafty things have you done lately? I've got lots of ideas on my Pinterest for future projects; lots of hand and foot printing and salt dough! Also look out for my upcoming blog on my finished bump cast that my friends did when I was 33 weeks pregnant.

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