Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Baby Clubs and Apps

I have joined quite a lot of baby clubs! Not just for the weekly updates and advice (most tell you the same thing), but for the freebies and vouchers! After all, every little helps right?
So below I have compiled the list of the clubs I have joined and the benefits I have gained from joining. If you have joined any that have great benefits that I have not listed, let me know!

You can join this club via the website. You can link your advantage card to your Parenting Club account. You then get 10 points for every £1 you spend on baby items, including prams, cots, 'mummy products' etc. I bought my pram from Boots and got loads of points, which I then used to get wipes, maternity pads, cotton wool and loads more!
There is a parenting/baby magazine you can pick up in store and there are vouchers inside, along with reviews and lots of tips and check lists. You will also get vouchers when you join the Parenting Club.
The website has lots of advice and tips.

Join this club online. You link your Little Ones account to your Nectar card and get a £5 voucher to spend on Little Ones range.
On the website there is advice, tips, recipes and all the baby related store offers.

I basically joined this club to get the free little cuddly cow toy! There are tips etc on the website and you get a little book with info when you join.

This club, as with the Cow and Gate one, I joined to get the cuddly polar bear! The box it comes in is really neat and has little books of info for each stage of pregnancy and beyond. The website also has advice and tips. They have a helpline you can ring.

This is the club you can join via the doctor/midwife. I got the first pack at my first midwife appointment. You can then register online to get information and tips. In the first pack is the voucher for the second; which you collect from Boots, Superdrug, or Asda. You will then get your third pack after you have your baby.
The packs include little samples of sudo crème and stretch mark creams. I am sure the contents will change from now and then. There is also a Bounty app and a name app.

You can join this online or via the free app.
I think this is my favourite ‘club’, just because of the amount of freebies and samples you can get. When you download the app you can go to the ‘offers’ section. This has £200 worth of Argos vouchers for baby related products and vouchers for baby packs. The vouchers are emailed to you and you just print them off. Take the ‘mum-to-be’ etc vouchers to Boots or Argos to get your pack.
At the moment the packs have lots of Johnson’s samples; wipes, nappy cream, baby oil, bath wash. There are also samples of breakfast cereal, money off vouchers and, in the packs from Argos, there are nappy samples from Aldi's range. (My midwife has been told these are good and have won awards, so I will be trying these). Until the baby is here I won't know what nappies suit it and myself; I have to start somewhere!
1st Pack - Bump to Baby

2nd Pack - Mum to Be
The Johnson's items from the Mum to Be Pack

I have also joined the Pampers and Mothercare clubs. You don't get any upfront freebies with these; just the weekly email updates. I tried to join the Tesco club, but the website would not recognise my Clubcard number and so I couldn't be bothered to faff around.

Both the Pregnancy+ app by Health and Parenting and My Pregnancy by Baby Centre are pretty similar. They have daily and weekly information, for you and on your baby's development. They have checklists, name ideas and lots more. I found these really useful in the early stages of pregnancy when I didn't really have a clue what was happening to me, my body, or my baby! Both apps are free.

Baby Centre App - My Pregnancy

Pregnancy+ App

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