Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week 21/22 - Another Skirt Bites the Dust!

Top - F+F @Tesco
Maternity Trousers - H&M

This week I turned 22 weeks pregnant and, due to my growing bump, two more skirts and a dress have now been confined to the 'pre-pregancy' pile of clothes! This pile, along with bump, is growing weekly. I haven't bought too many maternity clothes and will wear my 'normal' clothes for as long as possible. I will be heavily pregnant towards the, hopefully, warmer months and so don't want to buy too much now.

Another milestone has been reached this week; Paul (hubby) felt baby move for the first time! I love the feeling of Baby Bond moving around and now being able to share that with others is great. I am waiting for the moment I see an elbow or knee protruding from my belly!

Not much more to report on the pregnancy front this week; things are plodding along nicely. (I hope to post about 'my first 20 weeks' within the next few days/weeks.)

This week the sun has finally made an appearance. It's great, I love Spring, but my Hay Fever doesn't! Now that things are starting to bud and grass is getting cut my nose is getting that familiar twitching feeling, mouth and ears start to itch too. I hope I am not in for too bad a Hay Fever season. I will definitely  be talking to my midwife about what I can do about the symptoms; I will be pregnant throughout the worst parts of the season.

Yesterday Paul and I made a trip to Ikea and Kiddicare to get some bits for Baby Bond. We had a very successful trip, no 'shopping arguments', kicked off by the pretty good, and cheap Ikea breakfast. We wandered through the showroom, which makes it far too tempting to buy what you don't need! Then headed for the 'Market Place'. We picked up a few bits for the kitchen, new glasses etc, a little storage box/foot stall. I plan to use this downstairs for wipes and nappies, so I don't have to run up and down stairs too much and a playmat/rug for Baby Bond's room We don't know what we are having, but Paul and I both like cars and so couldn't resist the rug, especially at £10! Then on to the warehouse to pick the bookshelf and inserts we had made the trip to buy. 

We then made our way to Kiddicare where I wanted to get a Maxi Cosi parasol for our Elea pram (will blog about this soon) and a changing mat. We then made it home just in time to watch England beat Italy in the Six Nations.

After a busy day we then spent a fun evening with friends, greyhound racing. Although I won a few times I don't think I made back what I bet! But we had fun and that's what it's all about!

Expedit Bookcase/Storage Unit - Ikea
Expedit Cupboard Inserts - Ikea
Li llabo Play Mat - Ikea

Funky Friends Changing Mat - Kiddicare
Maxi Cosi Intense Red Parasol

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