Saturday, 8 March 2014

Max Factor CC Cream

I wanted to treat myself to a new product and as my current BB cream, Garnier BB Skin Perfector in Light, isn't quite cutting it. The Garnier BB cream only comes in two shades and for my rather pale skin even the light is too dark.

I asked Faye of Faye's Fix for her recommendations as I don't really know what I am looking for, she asked her brilliant Twitter followers for their suggestions. I narrowed it down to the following to check out.

I applied a small amount of the testers to my hand, so I could do a 'swatch' test. The Rimmel and Maybelline creams only had 2 shades and, as with the Garnier, the lightest shade was still too dark for me.

The Bourjois was a strong contender. It had a few shades, with the lightest being quite a good match. I also liked the idea of the different shades within the cream to correct different complexion problems.
Apricot - Anti-fatigue     Green - Anti redness     White - Anti dark spots

However, the Max Factor, again with more shade options, seemed the better match for my skin tone. When rubbing in to my hand I preferred the consistency too. Another plus is the fact most of my other makeup is Max Factor.

I use BB/CC cream as a quick fix when I am at home or just need to pop somewhere. I never leave the house without makeup on, however natural it may be. And even when I am at home I feel better having a bit of coverage, especially at the moment with my break-out prone pregnancy skin!

When I got home I wanted to try the cream out as soon as possible! I like the consistency and the feel of the cream. It goes on well and feels light. The coverage was pretty good, considering it is light and I have a few red patches at the moment. I felt the product did what it promised 'instant complexion enhancer.'

I would recommend this for a quick fix, it will definitely be joining my other Max Factor products in my make-up bag and will be coming in my hospital bag too.

Before                                 After

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