Sunday, 4 May 2014

Week 28/29 - Worn Out!

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Vest Top - H&M
This week I have been a little bit worn out and tired; I'm putting it down to the 5 day week! So I'm glad next week is another 4 dayer. The weather seems to have been a little muggy and the heating is still on at the school, so the stuffiness hasn't helped with the tired feeling and has also meant I've had slight headaches. I've also had a few 'stitches' this week, which are quite uncomfortable, but a good sign that everything thing is getting set for the birth! 

I had a midwife appointment this week, which went well. Everything is as it should be, baby is moving well and the bump is measuring bang on; a cm for each week of pregnancy. I had a blood test to test for iron deficiency. I'll get the results at the next appointment, or before if there's a problem.  

Last weekend Paul and I went to the Baby and Toddler Show at Glow, Bluewater. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. We basically have everything we need now anyway so really we went to see if there were any great offers or freebies. But even the 'show only discounts' weren't great. If you are going to a show to buy things I'd definitely recommend doing research first on prices etc. Then you can haggle at the show. I'm glad we went though, we got to see just how well we have done with our baby bargains!  

Next week we have the first if two ante natal classes at the birth centre, where I plan to give birth. I can't believe how quickly these have come around and I'm sure they will make things a lot more real!

Have a great long weekend!


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