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Week 31/32 - Busy Weekend

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I've made it to half term! After a relaxing and pretty chilled Easter holiday I was quite worried about the prospect of going back to work and knowing that I still had a couple of months to get through. But I got through the 5 weeks and have actually been pretty good, not feeling too tired and just resting as much as possible at home and taking it slower at work. Now just 4 weeks at work to go before I start maternity leave; just hoping I don't have to leave early so I have tie up loose ends and do a handover!

On Thursday I went, with my mum, to the last of my ante natal classes; this one was an Early Days class. I didn't really know what to expect, assuming we would be learning about breast feeding and nappy changing... I thought we may all be given dolls to practice on, well the nappy changing at least!

Fortunately the class followed a similar format to the other classes and was more about giving information so, as mums, we are better informed about what to expect. Firstly the midwives spoke about breastfeeding and the best position for mum and baby; 'tummy to mummy', 'nipple to nose'. We were shown three different sized balls which represented the size of baby's tummy at different ages.

When the baby is born its tummy is the size of a malteaser. They do not need very much food at all, which is good as a mother's milk hasn't yet 'come in'. For the first couple of days the milk produced is colostrum, basically very fatty/concentrated milk (some of you may have already noticed this building up whilst pregnant). So the baby gets all it needs from very little volume. Colostrum is different for each woman, it can be different colours and it is made specifically for your baby. Your body knows what things your baby will need from your colostrum, and make it! After about 3 days the 'proper milk' starts to come in. This is how we probably all think of breast milk, looks more like cow's milk and is produced in larger volumes. By this time the baby's tummy is about the size of a walnut.

What has fascinated me the most is just how amazing women's and baby's bodies are. Everything is done for a reason and it all just happens naturally. The tummy size to amount of milk produced and the days milk comes in and the tummy has grown... After I have had the baby I will be shown and helped by the midwife with the first feeds.

We also talked about nappies, the Vitamin K injection and not needing to bath babies for the first few weeks. They can have little cleans, but just use water and then olive oil to moisturise, no products for the first few weeks as their skin is producing all its own goodness. Although baby cleaning products say they are sensitive they are still made up of lots of chemicals, as new born skin is so delicate it is best to avoid these for the first few weeks. But they are perfectly safe to use and will be used all the time eventually.

On Saturday I met up with my girlies for a 'pre-baby shower'. It was a great night, catching up and spending time together. The girls surprised me with a kit to do a bump cast! My bump was smothered in Vaseline and then the ModRoc strips were put on, i had to keep it on for 15 minutes for the initial setting to take place. It now takes a few days to dry. Then I can decorate it, I will post some pictures when I have the finished article.

Yesterday Paul and I went to Lydden Hill Race Circuit to watch the World Rally Cross. We both like our motor sport and it's a fun thing to do together; trying to have some quality time just the two of us before we become 3! The weather and racing were great. I was a bit tired by the end of the day as it had been an early start, but I managed it. 

Have a great bank holiday Monday, I think I need to do some gardening!

Amy x

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