Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week 32/33 - Feeling Heavy/Time for a Skincare Change

Top - 'Old' H&M
Maternity Shorts - H&M 

I think this week must be another transitional phase for me and baby. I am feeling more worn out doing, not so strenuous, tasks and the bump is feeling much heavier now. Bending down just to pick something up, or to put socks/shoes on is a bit of a mission; so I am getting help where I can. Paul is doing a great job as my sock putter-onner! Sleep is also starting to get uncomfortable. I haven't used a cushion under the bump regularly, but this week it has been a much more comfortable way to sleep and I feel like I'm sleeping better.

Night time trips to the loo have also increased; even though, for me, these trips never stopped I have definitely noticed an increase. Even in day-time trips. The worst being when you feel you absolutely must go that second, only to find out the baby is just sitting on your bladder and you don't really need to go at all!

That being said, I am still trying to remain as active as possible as I think I'd feel worse if I was resting all the time. I have rested and chilled quite a bit this week, with it being half term. But I've also met up with friends and family. I need to keep my energy levels up to feel good for my last 4 weeks at work, whilst taking it steady. Then, once I am on maternity leave, I can slow down a bit more.

I had the whooping cough jab this week, which I wasn't looking forward to (does anyone look forward to jabs?!). I am fine with jabs and just think of something else whilst it's happening; I was more concerned about what came after. I had heard that it was a bad one and made your arm feel dead for the rest of the day. That was not the case for me; my arm was a little sore and tender, but nothing you would not expect.

I've been doing a bit of nesting this week, whilst I've had the chance. Tidying the house and finding new homes for things. I also decided it was a good time to pack my hospital bag. I've been putting bits together for a while now that I know I'll need, from lists found in magazines/the internet, but I've now bagged it and done a list of what I still need to pack! I plan to do a blog in the next few weeks on what I have in my bag.

All the sorting made me want to stock up on toiletries and make-up. I know I probably won't get out to do a 'proper' shop for a few weeks after Baby Bond is born, so I took the opportunity to do a big order. I am very excited for this parcel to arrive! It's just my usual bits and pieces, but I love getting parcels, who doesn't?! I have decided to try a new eye cream though. I normally go for the Boots own brand Vitamin E cream, which seems to do the job I want it to. However, I do feel like my dark circles are getting a little darker (and will be even darker in a few weeks!) so I've decided to give the Boots Botanics Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream a go. On offer at £5.99 

I also decided I want to try some new skincare products. I have had the same routine and products for about 11 years and thought my skin could do with a change, as it itself has no doubt changed in that time. I have been using Garnier's Pure A/Active products; the exfoliating wash, toner and shine control moisturiser. My skin definately doesn't seem as oily and shiny as it used to, but it is still prone to breakouts and I would say is combination: slightly oily t-zone and normal everywhere else.

It was a total minefield, I didn't know where to start! I asked my sister for some advice, (fayesfix), she has more knowledge on the skincare subject than me. She uses a REN cleanser and so I thought I'd give this a go. Searching for through only REN products narrowed down the search quite a bit, but what to pick? I went on REN's own website to have a look at their products and what they offer. I wasn't sure if I needed a toner, as I have been using one for years I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of not using one! Luckily, the range I decided to go for does have a toner. I am going to stick with my current moisturiser and see how I get on.

After much deliberation I chose the Clarimatte range of products. 
Website quote: 

Combination skin is characterised by: oily and shiny skin epecially on the T–zone; congested skin; prone to open pores; 
blackheads and a few whiteheads; dull skin; dry cheeks and jawline.
normalize itself through the help of ground breaking as well as tried and tested bio actives.

Our Combination skin range is a one of our bestselling ranges and is true to the philosophy of encouraging skin to 
The ideal solution for combination skin is a range that carefully balances the skin, avoiding the  “strip – oil attack” cycle that causes combination skin to swing continually from one extreme to another.
I bought them via the Look Fantastic website, I found a 20% off voucher and they do free delivery. I have gone for the Clarifying Toner and the T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel. The products are more than I would normally pay, but it's worth a try, if I don't like them, or don't really see a difference in my skin, I will go back to my Garnier products. Hopefully they will last a while, and everyone needs a treat, even mummies-to-be!

Have a good week.
Amy x

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