Sunday, 8 June 2014

Week 33/34: What's in My Hospital Bags?

I can't quite believe my due date is now only 6 weeks away, and only 3 weeks left at work! This week has been a bit quiet on the baby front. Just feeling heavy and more worn out. Being back at work has tired me out, but it's the weekend and I survived! I just can't get in the habit of getting more sleep yet, I know that needs to change so I can stock up!

Yesterday I had my risk assessment at the birth centre. As the centre is midwife led they only take women who have had no complications in pregnancy and are considered low risk. It's basically a look through my notes and a couple of swabs to see if I have MRSA! Sounds worse than it is, literally a couple of cotton buds up the nose! I 'passed' the risk assessment and so can go to the birth centre, but only if I go into labour when I am full term; between 37 and 42 weeks.

As this week has been rather quiet I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you what I have packed in my hospital bags...

I think I was kidding myself with the thought of only needing to pack a few essentials for myself and baby for when the time comes to head off to hospital! I feel like I've had to pack for a weekend away, or short break! Not only have I got a bag for me and a bag for baby, but Paul also has a bag (as dads can stay at the birth centre) and a 'spares' bag for the car. Along with car seat, pillows, food etc!

I seem to have done this early, but as I had a week off for half term it seemed a good opportunity to get organised. Most of the lists of what to pack that I found online, in magazines and leaflets from the birth centre had pretty much the same thing on them. Below is what I personally have and will be packing. What have you got in your bags?

Have a great week 

Amy xx

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