Sunday, 22 June 2014

Week 35/36 - Sleep!

Dress - Primark
This week I turned 36 weeks pregnant, just a few days until I can give birth at the birth centre. So baby just needs to stay put a few more days! I also only have one week left at work now. I can't believe how quickly it has all gone the past few weeks.

Starting to get a bit more uncomfortable now. The bump doesn't seem to grow, but I can definitely feel the baby getting bigger as the bump is feeling a lot tighter. I am pretty good at work during the day. Just waddling down the corridors slower, sitting when I need to and getting others to bend for me if I need to pick things up!

In the afternoons I am feeling a little tired, but by the time I'm home I feel pretty good again and at 10pm-ish I'm not really feeling tired, until the end of the week. It's the evenings when I start to feel more uncomfortable. The bump feels pretty heavy and tight. It feels like my skin is stretching and needs moisture, so I whack on some moisturiser and it feels a little better. The baby is still trying to move quite a bit but now it has less room to move I can feel each movement and sometimes when you get a foot in the side, or bum under the ribs it can be uncomfortable, that only lasts a few moments. I am still fascinated watching my belly move!

Most things I am reading about this stage of pregnancy say how you should be getting as much sleep as possible. I am not finding this particularly easy. As I said above, I feel a little tired at work in the afternoons, but I can't just have a nap! This may change once I'm on maternity leave but I am not a 'nap lover', I tend to feel worse afterwards, we will see how that one goes! 

Once I am home I no longer feel tired and there are things to do; dinner to be made, housework to be done and showers to be taken. Don't get me wrong, Paul and I share most jobs as we are both at work during the day, so neither of us want to be doing all the jobs. But I just can't sit still when things need to be done. Having said that, I am doing things slower and resting when I need to. But all the talk about resting and sleeping just seems a waste of time. I'd rather stay as active as possible; I think that's why I am still feeling good and have good energy levels.

When it gets to bed time I am not particularly tired, so have maybe been staying up 'later than I should'. Once in bed though I drop off quickly, only waking to go to the loo about 2-3 times a night!

I know once the baby is here I will need to try and nap when the baby does and I will probably be begging for sleep, but my thoughts are; I can't stock up on it now for when I need it so, for now, I will continue to go with the flow and sleep when it feels right to do so. Even if I went to bed early, I wouldn't sleep anyway so what's the point!!

Over the next few months we have few weddings/receptions to go to. One before the baby, this weekend, 1 when I don't know if I'll have had the baby and 2 quite soon after baby is born in August.

This presented me with a fashion dilemma; what to wear?! I didn't want to buy a 'posh' maternity dress as the likelihood would be I'd only need it once so the hunt for a suitable outfit began. I thought maxi dress was probably the way to go so concentrated my shopping in that area. After visiting a few shops I found a lovely maxi in Forever 21. It has an 'elasticated' waist with a tie belt to cover this up and is an olive green colour. Not normally a colour I'd go for, but thought a change would be good. 

With this dress I can wear it again after the baby is here, so may be a good outfit for some of the other weddings. With the other weddings I think I will just have to see what size I am at the time and what I feel most comfortable in. I have a few maxi skirts and dresses that I can wear.

The key will be the accessorising! What did you wear to special occasions when you were pregnant?

Dress - Forever 21
Necklace and Earrings - H&M
Bag - New Look
Shoes - H&M

Have a good week, thanks for reading.

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