Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week 34/35 - Friday the 13th!!!

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The end of this week saw Friday the 13th! I was a little worried that, even though 5 weeks early, Baby Bond may have decided to make an appearance. Not because of any traditional Friday 13th superstitions, but, for Paul and I it is a lucky day. A few of our milestones have happened on this date, so I wasn't putting it passed our baby not to turn up. This feeling was heightened by the fact that Thursday afternoon I had some persistent 'stitches' and twinges at the bottom of the bump. Luckily all passed without Baby Bond making an appearance. I can put the twinges down to being at work, on one of the hottest days of the year, and just needing to take it easier. Possibly Braxton Hicks? I've had twinges and stitches on the days since, normally around a similar time in the afternoon.

Overall this week has been quite tiring. Monday started off with me feeling stressed about work; just wanting to make sure all loose ends are tied and I get get my hand-over done. I don't want to be leaving earlier than expected without things being left in a good position. But I need to remind myself that if that happens, there isn't much I can do about it and I just need to do the best I can, my priorities now need to shift. Only two weeks to go.

On Tuesday I had a midwife appointment. Everything is going well and baby's head is currently down; so it's a bum I keep getting shoved under my ribs! The baby could change position but with 5 weeks to go that's fine, it still has time to move back, that is probably unlikely to happen.

I am now feeling a lot more connected to the baby and really feeling the bond growing. I guess a new batch of hormones has been released to prepare me for the imminent arrival! It's wriggling lots still, although sometimes uncomfortably so, but I am loving that. Now getting really excited to meet it, see what it looks like and find out what it is!

Yesterday my wonderful friends threw me a lovely afternoon tea baby shower, which was held at my mum's house. We had a few games; pin the dummy on the baby, baby bingo and guess the baby food flavour (which were all quite gross!) I didn't really want presents as I wanted the shower to be more of a get together before the baby arrives. But the girls got me a sterilising kit and my mum and sister got a cute owl piggy bank and owl cushion for the baby's room, Baby Bon'd cousin Emelia got some lovely little books. There was also lots of yummy cake!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a lovely week.

Amy x

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