Sunday, 13 April 2014

Week 25/26 - Quality Time

Midi-Dress - H&M
(from my shopping trip)

This week, again has been relatively quiet on the baby front. I can see why people say this is the honeymoon trimester. Things seem to be progressing perfectly and I am feeling pretty great. The baby's movements seem to be changing a little. It is still kicking and I can see the kicks, not just feel them; but it also seems to be somersaulting and rolling a lot more. I can only describe this as the feeling you might get on a roller coaster when your stomach feels like its turning upside down! I haven't yet seen any elbows or knees sticking out, I'm not really sure when this happens. It probably all depends on the size of the baby and how much room it has to move around.

This week has been the first of the Easter holidays and I have been quite busy, I plan to relax more next week! On Monday I went shopping. I haven't been 'proper shopping' for ages and felt I needed a general spring clean of my wardrobe as well as the need to buy some bigger clothes to accommodate the growing bump. I had a list of bits I needed, bigger vest tops, maternity tights etc but also wanted to have a look and see what took my fancy. Nothing was really jumping out a me, which was a bit dissapointing. I decided to pop into Zara and have a look as I sometimes find some good bits in there. After trying on a few things I settled for a couple of striped Ts. I then went back to H&M, which I think has to be my favourite shop, I don't think you can beat it for style and value, and found a few more bits to add to my purchased items! (See the pics)

Clockwise from top left:
Striped Ts £7.99 each- Zara
Cardigan £7.99 - H&M
T with pocket - H&M
Striped skater dress - Primark
Back and front of top £14.99 - H&M
Vest tops £3.99 each - H&M
Newborn sleepsuits £7 - Primark

On Tuesday I had my nails done. I go for gel polish rather than acrylic nails. It's a nice treat and lasts for ages and you don't have to worry about not touching anything for hours afterwards! I went for a deep purple, as this would match the outfit I'd picked for a wedding reception on Saturday.

On Wednesday Paul and I went away for a couple of days. We went to Brooklands Museum, just off of junction 10 of the M25. I enjoy watching motor sport and so decided to stop here on the way as it was the county's first purpose built racetrack. Brooklands was also the site of aircraft building during WWII, there is a hanger with old planes. Parts of Concorde and other planes were also built at Brooklands throughout the years. You can go on one of the Concordes that was built there, which was very interesting. 

After Brooklands we headed to our home for the next couple of nights; the Bat and Ball in Cuddeson, on the outskirts of Oxford. The room was perfect for what we wanted and situated above the pub itself. All the rooms are named after cricketers and the cricket theme runs throughout the pub. We had dinner in the pub both nights and it was great. Lovely home cooked and freshly prepared dishes. 

On Thursday we went into Oxford itself. I was a little dissapointed. I have been to Cambridge a couple of times and I assumed Oxford would be the same! Don't get me wrong there is some beautiful architecture and history, but I felt it was more shops and tourists than architecture and history. The university buildings were a bit further out than the shops in the centre and as I had already done a lot of walking the day before I was a bit worn out and so we stayed more central within Oxford. 

On our way back home on Friday we went to Winchester, which is lovely. From the car park we walked into the centre, about a 10 minute walk. Walking along a small river set in gardens. We then went to look at the cathedral and the high street, which had lovely old buildings and a market. After that we made our way back home to Kent. I had a lovely few days away with Paul, probably the last time in a while we will have the opportunity to be away, just the two of us!

A busy week was rounded off yesterday with a family gathering of my mum's side of the family, some of which I haven't seen for ages. It was great to have a catch up and a laugh. We then topped off the day by going to a wedding reception. It was lovely to see the bride and groom and share in their special day.

Here's to a slightly more chilled week next week!

Amy x

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