Monday, 21 April 2014

Week 26/27 - Happy Easter!

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Cardigan - SheInside
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Last week marked a couple of milestones in my pregnancy; I am now in the third trimester and it was exactly 3 months until Baby Bond's due date! The fact I have entered the last trimester has passed me by a bit, you don't suddenly feel any different, it is more of a milestone for the baby. The baby is pretty much ready to be born and the chances of not needing much medical intervention if born early are greatly reduced. As the days move on I am now likely to feel more tired and worn out. The baby has now moved up a little higher, under the ribs and can squash my lungs a bit, I get a bit puffed out walking up stairs!

The fact last week saw the 3 month countdown to the due date is a bit scary! My body has already gone through so many changes and in a few weeks it will see the last major one, the birth! I'm still not worried about the birth itself, more what comes after; will I know what I am doing? Will I be OK when Paul goes back to work and I am by myself? How will I cope with the post pregnancy hormones and not being pregnant anymore (which I am quite enjoying)? I don't want to be a panicky mum; not worrying about every little noise the baby makes, how will I make sure I don't? 

I am sure these are questions most mums-to-be ask themselves. I know deep down I have the answers to all of them. With love and support from Paul, my family and friends, I (and Paul and our little bundle) will get through anything. As usual Paul managed to calm me down and point out I won't be doing any of the next chapter of our lives alone. As much as I have enjoyed my pregnancy, so far, I can now start looking forward to the next part of the journey; meeting Baby Bond and all of the excitement and happiness that will bring. :)

So on that note, last week I was decorating the baby's room. I knew I wanted to do a mural, something I had designed, something from mummy to baby, my first gift. I started off a while ago looking at other mural designs online. I took inspiration from a few, I needed a design suitable for a boy or girl, so I went with a tree and owls. The cat under the tree was a later addition. My beautiful cat Button had died just before Christmas and I wanted to include him in the design. (As sad as it is he still feels part of our family!)

Below are photographs from design to painting the wall, drawing on the design (using an OHP - old school I know!), then painting the mural itself. It took a lot longer than I had expected but I had time and wanted to do it properly. I am so pleased with the result, it turned out even better than I had hoped. I hope you like it too.

Initial Mural Design

Painting the wall, drawing on the design, painting the mural

The finished mural

(If you are interested in having a mural designed, or anything designed for your baby, please do get in touch. )

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter, Amy x

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